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As disciples we are commanded to make disciples.


What is TLC? (Teach, Learn, and Chat)

The TLC (Teach, Learn, and Chat) platform was developed to provide an opportunity for biblical teaching while allowing students to ask questions in a safe environment. We do not desire to grieve the Holy Spirit by not giving the opportunity for Him to illuminate the word of God. We as leaders are mandated to equip the people of God for the work of ministry. Becoming a disciple or learner of Christ is the first step to become an effective minister or servant of God.


Varying Levels of Rigor (accountability) Approach to Bible Study

Jesus has called every Believer to be His disciple and make disciples. A disciple is a learner of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself is seen in Scripture, involved in systematic teaching of His disciples. Scripture clearly shows that becoming a disciple is a process and Believers progress at varying rates depending on a number of circumstances. Therefore classes will be offered at three (3) levels. These levels will primarily represent the level of rigor or content accountability for students.

Level 1 – At this level, students will be introduced to content information and be encouraged to participate in class discussions.

Level 2 – At this level, students will be required to demonstrate familiarity with content information and may be given reading assignments outside class time.

Level 3 – At this level, students will be required to demonstrate proficiency with content information and should expect to have written assignments, quizzes, test, etc.

Please choose which level you would like to take the class.



How long is TLC?

TLC is all year long. Classe sessions varies. The typical length of a class session is 8 weeks. 

Are there any breaks throughout the year?

After each session, we will take a week off to reset. 

What are the cost involved?

TLC is free. All we ask is that you cover the cost of the books. The church will cover half the cost. 

When are the classes?

Classes are held every saturday from 9:30 AM to 10:30. Starting in April, we will have additional classes on 2-4th Mondays from 7-8:30 PM

What is the course workload?

You can take the classes at 3 levels:

  • Introduction and participatory level: this is if you want to listen to the class and participate in the discussion
  • Familiarity and outside reading assignments: in addition to be an observer, you have a desire to take notes and be active in the discussion. For each class, there will be workbooks and reading assignments available if you would like to enhance your note taking. 
  • Mature understanding of the material- in addition to the first two levels, quizzes will be given. 

When taking the class, please let the instructor know what level you are interested in. 

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